We appreciate the importance of regular human contact. Our dedicated, caring staff spend time bonding and interacting with our guests, building trust and friendship, which leads to happy contented pets. Our boarding guests are taken out several times a day between 8am and 9pm enjoying on the lead walks around our 40 acre estate, over fields and through woods, which dogs love to explore.

Off lead exercise and play is also important. With this in mind we have created additional large, secure, fenced play areas, allowing freedom to run, explore and play organised activities – chasing balls and frisbees, hunting for treats and burning off excess energy. The enclosed gardens allow for independent or one to one playtime and cuddles with a member of staff. Ideal for guests that enjoy the quieter things in life.

For wet and windy days we have our VIP ( Very Important Pet ) lounge, with leather sofas, comfy beds and lots and lots of toys. So no matter what the weather brings, guests can still have a fun-filled, active time. All individual needs will always be catered for.